Beyond Veils: Lagos

Rele, Lagos is pleased to present Beyond Veils a group exhibition presenting works from Progress Nyandoro (Zimbabwe), Sedireng Mothibatsela (Botswana), Tizta Berhanu (Ethiopia) and Diana Ejaita (Nigeria/Italy).

Beyond Veils is an examination of existence through an engagement with inner landscapes of the body, mind and the otherworldly. From the surreal to the spiritual, works in this exhibition transcends the corporeality of the body in engaging with the intimate, often changing and highly contested world of the interior narrating real-life experiences like intimacy, mutual relation, agency and the experience of knowledge.


Mothibatsela's drawings delve into the transformative dance of grief, intertwining the impermanence of life with the symbolism of candle flames. Nyandoro champions the strength of determined women, her works emphasize empowerment and limitless strength inherent in every woman. Ejaita weaves West African narratives and spiritual symbols, urging viewers to engage with ancestral channels. Berhanu's figurative paintings intricately explore the vast spectrum of human emotions. 

Together, these artists transcend realistic depictions, offering alternate representations that weave a rich tapestry of emotions, storytelling, and metaphysical aspects within the shared human experience .