Unspoken Rudiments: Dandelion Eghosa

We are pleased to present “Unspoken Rudiments”, the first solo exhibition of multimedia artist, Dandelion Eghosa. The exhibition is an expression of nuanced gender forms and existential principles of sexuality that are often silenced and ignored. Comprising of two distinct body of work “Home” and “Is This a Woman?” – the exhibition draws from personal experiences and encounters in a society laced with contradictions.

As a conceptual artist, Eghosa adopts the juxtaposition of photography and analogue collage experimentation to document the changing social trajectory of her immediate community as it relates to gender, sex and sexuality. These themes are immediately reminiscent of the work of South African visual artist and activist Zanele Muholi whose work not only reimagines black identity but also challenges the oppressive standards of beauty. While Muholi mainly creates histrionic self-portraits, Eghosa’s forms are layered with cut-out paper portraits, acrylic paint and most recently embroidery.

In the first body of work, Eghosa re-examines the notion of “Home” – visiting places and re-living childhood experiences and traditions that were once familiar, and of which now feels foreign and uncomfortable. In “I See You Seeing Me”, a young boy and girl sit on a bench with their bodies facing each other, both are holding flowers and old black and white television sets replace their heads. This image among many others in the ‘Home’ series is Eghosa’s way of understanding the parameters that are set very early on in one’s life and the subtle effect it has in shaping one’s future. 

 Her ‘Is This A Woman?’ series, addresses the prejudice that exists within the society towards persons that identify themselves differently and goes against popular norms. In addition, Eghosa will present a short film titled ‘’Ahoèmon-egbé’’ which means “love for one another” in Esan Language. Here, she explores perspectives on the meaning of love with older women in her home town in Ekpoma in a bid to understand if love is still love when you realize certain truths about a person.

With Unspoken Rudiments, Dandelion dives into unchartered territory using a layered approach of complex visual forms. She confronts the current realities and examines the future of a generation threatened by policies which restrict their freedom. The exhibition pushes the boundaries of stereotypes, such which is not commonly done in a society like ours. It is the artist’s means of challenging the viewers on the need for tolerance irrespective of gender and sexuality.

About Dandelion: