Jessica Soares redefines self-identity and alopecia in her debut solo exhibition

Self-identity weaves our experiences, challenges, and triumphs, a delicate balance between self-perception and how the world sees us. What happens when a profound transformation disrupts this equilibrium?  The profound art of Jessica Soares and the curatorial brilliance of Wana Udobang come into play.


Alopecia, a condition characterised by hair thinning and loss, reaches deep into the core of self-identity. It challenges individuals to redefine themselves beyond societal beauty norms on a journey of courage, resilience, and self-acceptance. 


Jessica Soares intimately understands this journey. At 33 years old, she has embarked on this artistic odyssey that explores her experiences with alopecia and invites us to peer into the intricacies of self-identity in the face of transformation. In her world, each acrylic stroke tells a story of personal growth, empowerment, and growing self-esteem.

September 18, 2023