Soul Fill

Art can be balm on a bad day. It can be the icing on the cake for a good one. At Rele, we recognise the power it possesses: to soothe, to transport, to provide escape. We channel this power through the artists we discover, the works on the wall. We've known for a while that we could do more. We are interested in more direct, human ways of employing art as therapy. We landed on conversation. There are many of these that are not being had on the things that ail us and hurt us. We do not speak. We should. So we are taking art beyond the wall. We will employ emotive art, the delicacy of music and the power of words as a tool to mediate for emotional excess and for those who do not feel enough.
We are excited to present SOULFILL; Art as therapy to recollect the journey, to keep hoping, to lighten and share the sadness, to re-calibrate, to understand from speaking about complex matters , to be filled, gathering strength to forge ahead.