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Marcelina O. Akpojotor had her first form of apprenticeship under her father who is a sign writer. She grew up assisting him in his works and was always engaged in creative endeavors which cut across drawing, design, stencil, writing and calligraphy. She studied Art and Industrial Design at Lagos State Polytechnic and had her industrial training at the studio of Bruce Onobrakpeya, Lagos. She won the first prize in the OFF THE BIN PROJECT, an Art competition in 2013.

Marcellina uses relatable Ankara as a medium to explore womanhood; these Ankara fabrics she uses are revived pieces’ sourced from fashion houses who would otherwise discard them. They are layered with designs and symbols which have unique meanings, some are cut out from "asoebi" for different occasions. She manipulates the cloth to mimic peaks and valleys, daily laughters and micro-aggressions. The swatches of fabric are pieces of stories which she employs to create these works that are filled with diverse emotions.

She has participated in the painting session of the 16th and 17th Harmattan workshop (2014 and 2015) respectively in Delta State and has featured in various group exhibitions. In 2016, She was selected as one of the Rele Art Foundation Young Contemporaries.

Oghenekevwe .jpg

Oghenekevwe | Mixed Media | 36 x 40.5 inches

Omote Agbarha .jpg

Omote Agbarha | Mixed Media | 24 x 24 inches