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The Rele Arts Foundation, a non-profit initiative that seeks to impact lives using art as a tool and resource. The Foundation's missions, to identify, promote, mentor Nigerian visual artists, giving them the tools to succeed critically and commercially in the global art marketplace.

Some of our initiatives are The Art Salon and The Young Contemporaries, and most recently the Nigeria in Venice project.

The “Art Salon” is a not for profit initiative that gives young artists who demonstrate a strong artistic vision the opportunity to exhibit a body of work primarily for feedback and engagement from the art community. During the salon, artists will be able to speak freely about their art and enjoy meaningful review from art patrons, critics and writers.

We are thrilled to offer this transformative opportunity and very much committed to nurturing, advancing and promoting young artistic talent. 

The 'Young Contemporaries' initiative was started to raise, nurture, support and promote a new generation of young artistic talent.

The “Young Contemporaries” have access to career counseling, curatorial advice & mentorship. They will receive funding to create works for the exhibition. Out of the 5 selected artists, we will support 1 artist with an additional cash grant. The artist selected would have shown the most promise, talent, hard work and commitment to excel; working towards a full-time career in visual art.