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For Artists

With rele, every artist that is encountered and nurtured is the STAR. The artist exudes qualities that need to be seen and felt, because of what use is a gift if it is not shared?

These artists are innovative, willing to explore and experiment. They are looking to do beyond the ordinary, challenging the status quo, while staying true to what they believe in.

We always have room for extra ordinary artists! Interested in being a Rele Artist? Submit artistic statement and portfolio. 


For Exhibitions

Exhibitions are organised by the gallery's curator or guest curators and programmed months in advance.

Our exhibitions are strictly around the artists the gallery represents or chosen themes that reflect a social topic we want to address.

However we are open to artists/initiatives that do not fall strictly within these two categories and will consider/accept exhibition offers based on the strength of ideas, works available, timeline, goals & objectives; as it fits into the gallery’s mandate.

Submit curatorial statement and pictures of works.


For Event Planners

We would consider in special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis; the use of the space for private event.


Submit all materials to