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STRIP: An Exhibition on the Human Form
to Jun 7

STRIP: An Exhibition on the Human Form

The body. It is the first thing we encounter, even before the human being. The base before everything else is formed. But is the body just simply what it is? Or is it so much more? 

For centuries, the body has been a source of fantasy, obsession, liberation, struggle, oppression, voyeurism, politics, shame, commoditisation and of course a reference point to reality. Artists have long preoccupied themselves with documenting this endless source of expression, a reflection of an enduring time where we as a people are equally obsessed. On the intimate, familiar terrain of the body, we have made discoveries, ascertained self-worth...but these are usually regarded as personal journeys, to be spoken of in hushed tones. 

In this exhibition ‘STRIP’ we showcase a collection of nudes in varying degrees by painters and photographers and we seek to amplify the body of conversation. 

The purpose here is to strip bare, rediscover and reopen the discourse around the human form; to provoke keen engagement, investigation of anatomical information; to deconstruct myths and truths of power, shame, freedom, beauty (and more)- the different shades of attendant feelings that accompany an encounter with a naked body. 

We strongly encourage you to approach these works stripped of the caution of modesty but clothed with the courage of an open mind. 

Wana Udobang & Ayodeji Rotinwa

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Talk: Limitations to Exploring Photography Off The Streets. Friday April 17th, 2015 - 6:30p.m
6:30 PM18:30

Talk: Limitations to Exploring Photography Off The Streets. Friday April 17th, 2015 - 6:30p.m

This panel discussion, organised to round up the ongoing Lagos: Hustle and Hope exhibition, will explore the dearth of creation, documentation and exposition of photographic works that go beyond the obvious everyday images on the streets to reveal the lives and work of people off the streets.

The panelists are: visual artist Uche Okpa-Iroha, photographer Abraham Oghobase and photographer/curator Yagazie Emezi.

Currently showing at Rele Gallery is the ‘Lagos: Hustle and Hope’ exhibition which features photographs that capture the dynamic nature of Lagos and reflect the hustle that characterizes its aspirational residents and their hope for a better future.

In putting together the exhibition, one of those challenges that curator Adebola Rayo faced was getting images that go beyond the streets to reveal all facets of Lagos life, not just the lives of the underprivileged – for example, the everyday life and work of Lagosians off the streets and aspects of Lagos life like the owambe parties etc.

One shocking discovery was that most works that would have helped in presenting a better rounded reflection of Lagos were commissioned and could not be shown outside their primary purpose. Another was that the photographers that go beyond the surface are few and far in-between or foreigners who came looking for the extra-ordinary in ordinary lives.

At Rele, we reasoned that it was necessary to have experts in the field share their thoughts, experiences and recommendations on the subject.

Join us as we discuss the limitations, how they can be overcome, and how an exploration of more than just the outside aspect of Nigerian life can help in creating a better-rounded reflection of the country, its people and their lives.

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