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And Now We Have Entered Broken Earth by Eloghosa Osunde

Opening on Sunday, May 7th, 2017 is the first solo exhibition by photographer Eloghosa Osunde titled: AND NOW WE HAVE ENTERED BROKEN EARTH. 

The series explores the varying degrees of intimacy and loneliness within familial relationships using nature-inspired imagery to shape a photo-story about intergenerational cycles, internal inheritances, and resemblances. The visual story also juxtaposes themes of addiction, mental illness, spiritual resistance, and surrender.

Eloghosa Osunde is a writer and photographer whose work is rooted in the documentation and exploration of grief, trauma, loss and love in human relationships. Her first photo exhibition "Woman in Bloom" took place in Lagos in September 2015. Her work at the exhibit featured stark monochrome images and free verse poetry. In January 2016, she was selected as a 'Rele Art Foundation Young Contemporary' where she exhibited a new photo series 'Obalende: The King Pursued Us Here', a story on internal displacement, told using digitally manipulated photography on canvas. 

In May 2016, she was one of eight invited artists who traveled with Invisible Borders (as a photographer and writer) for a TransNational road trip documenting modern day Nigerian realities.

And Now We Have Entered Broken Earth will run until June 4th, 2017