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Selense by Ibe Ananaba

September is soon upon us. For you, we plan to make it one to remember with our offering of a marquee exhibition and presentation. 

Presenting SELENSE by visual artist & illustrator, IBE ANANABA.

SELENSE is a unique portrait of what it means to dress up Nigerian. Quite literally, it means to show off. 

It freezes our trademark flamboyance, style, decadence in oils, acrylic on canvas while at the same time referencing the problems not only in which we perform our extravagance, but the problems the latter itself causes. 

The artist has found inspiration in popular Nigerian characters: bridges, fuel shortages, runways to create works that are at once familiar and thought-provoking. He considers them with the eye of a designer himself. There have been Nigerian fashion collections inspired by architecture. There have been collections inspired by formal wear of governmental agencies. There have been collections inspired by street style. Now there is an exhibition, inspired by them all.

The exhibition overall, is an intrinsic look from the artist’s point of view into both the seen and unseen stylish aspects of our everyday lives.

You are cordially invited to be in vogue

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Visitors by Austin Uzor
Later Event: October 23
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