We End 2015 With The Highly Anticipated Exhibition ‘The Tamba Series’

We recently closed the year with what we believe is our strongest showing (yet), featuring internationally acclaimed print master, Tayo Quaye, in an intimate event, sponsored by globally reputed French wine brand, Fat Bastard, which made its entry into Nigeria a few weeks ago.

The exhibition was Quaye’s grand return to oil / acrylic work and the first time ever in his decades-long career that he would be showing predominantly works from the medium. 

The body of work on display, titled ‘The Tamba Series’ – a work of progress since 1981 – is a risqué, layered sequence of works that records in bold brushstrokes and in cascading colour the –private- time a woman spends before bath, after bath and in the act of Tamba.

The artist captures the contemplative time a woman spends after bath in preparation to present herself to the world; before bath - the wait time or hesitation before revealing her body to another; Tamba - cleaning between her legs after an act with ‘another’ that deemed it necessary.

The series is to be seen, to be better understood. Guests at the event lingered for some time before the works enjoying glasses of Fat Bastard’s full-bodied white and red wines. They would later engage the artist in lengthy discussions about the inspiration behind the series.

 The exhibition is a holiday gift to collectors everywhere, an opportunity to add works of value that may not come around again for years. A gift that keeps on giving, it will run through the month of December.

It is no doubt the best avenue to end one’s year artistically, on a high, the biggest showcase this holiday season.

Enjoy pictures from the private opening.